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Qualifications are a good way to show other people what you have achieved, they look good on your C.V. and can really help you get on in work.

Completing a learndirect course doesn't automatically give you a qualification, but it can help you work towards one if you want to.

Many of our courses are designed to cover the content of nationally recognised qualifications or certificates.

Below are the qualifications you could gain by completing appropriate learndirect courses.

The European Computer Driving Licence (ECDL) qualification from the British Computer Society is recognised internationally by computer users everywhere. Holding an ECDL will show the world that you have a good working knowledge of computers, skills in a wide range of common software packages, a recognised and up-to-date qualification and the self-motivation to learn new skills.

The ECDL qualification consists of 7 modules each followed by a modular test. The learndirect courses you will need to successfully complete in order to gain your ECDL qualification include :-
  • IT2 Introducing Computers (Double module course)
  • IT2 Word Processing
  • IT2 Spreadsheets
  • IT2 Databases
  • IT2 Presentations
  • IT2 Electronic Communication
All of the courses use Microsoft software packages, so you can be sure that they are going to be relevant at work or at home.
OCR New CLAiT CLAiT 2006
If you'd like to learn the basics of computers and software packages and gain a qualification to prove your knowledge, then New CLAiT could be for you. It will help you build your confidence and give you recognition of your I.T. skills.

One of the U.K's most popular I.T qualifications, the CLAiT Suite is offered by the Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations (OCR), one of the UK's largest awarding bodies. It will require you taking 5 courses and successfully completing a short assessment after each one, involving a practical task using the appropriate software program.

Initially, you must complete the "IT1 Using Your Computer" course - then after that, you can choose any four other courses from the following list : Word Processing; Spreadsheets; Databases; Presentations; Electronic Communication; Desktop Publishing; Web Publishing.

Please call us on (0115) 947 4294 for more information about any of our courses and qualifications.