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Gaining a Certificate in Adult Literacy and/or Numeracy is the perfect way to prove your understanding of language, grammar, numerical data and competency in mathematics. The Certificates are nationally recognised qualifications, designed to measure skills at an equivalent level to other national qualifications.

There are two levels of the Certificate available :

  • Certificate in Adult Literacy Level 1
  • Certificate in Adult Literacy Level 2
  • Certificate in Adult Numeracy Level 1
  • Certificate in Adult Numeracy Level 2

The Level 2 Certificates are the more advanced - achieving this is the equivalent to a grade A - C at GCSE level.

To get a Certificate, you need to take and pass a short test. It's multiple choice, only 40 questions long and taken on a computer in the relaxed atmosphere of our accredited learning centre. Once you have completed the test, there is no "painful" waiting period - you will know your result within minutes !

But of course, taking the test itself is only part of the pathway to gaining an Adult Literacy or Numeracy qualification : After doing an initial skills check, there are a large number of courses available to you if you need to increase your knowledge in any particular areas before taking the test. There are also some practice questions and past tests for you to do, to prepare you and help build your confidence prior to the actual test.

For more information and advice, call us on (0115) 947 4294.